Phantasmal promises complete unpredictability every time you play it.

Phantasmal: Survival horror that changes every time you play it

Phantasmal is a fascinating and exciting-looking survival first-person horror game because it offers something no other survival horror game does: complete unpredictability–because everything in Phantasmal is randomly generated. No two games of Phantasmal will ever be the same, so you can play the game over and over (and you gain experience after every play through… celebrates their birthday with sales on classic games -- including recent classics, like The Witcher 2!

GOG turns 6 and celebrates with classic games

GOG (Good Old Games) turns 6 today, so naturally they’re giving out gifts in the form of very low sale prices. Happy birthday Old school gamers like myself generally have a soft spot for, which serves as both archive, tribute, and gamer-friendly distributor for many of the games we grew up playing. So…

Meet Kukulkan, formerly Ao Kuang now turned Mayan God.

SMITE news: Ao Kuang becomes Kukulkan

Ao Kuang is getting a new pantheon, skin, and voice pack as he is transformed into the Mayan god Kukulkan. It’s basically just another visual overhaul that also makes way for a more true-to-myth version of Ao Kuang in the game (much in the same way Sun Wukong became Hun Batz and was later replaced…